General Assembly of the European Youth Forum

NYCU delegation says hello from Amiens, the European Youth Capital 2020!
On November 21, Tirana (Albania) was awarded the European Youth Capitals title for 2022 (European Youth Capitals).

Currently, the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum is taking place in Amiens.
Julian Kritsak, NYCU Chairperson, and Natalia Shevchuk, NYCU Secretary-General learn more from the experience of Andriy Kolobov who is the member of the Board of Trustees, get acquainted with representatives of National Youth Councils and international youth organizations, and continue to actively work on new partnerships. Also, today we had the very good news that the decision on full membership in the YFJ is very close. There will be many positive changes and opportunities for Ukrainian youth in the nearest future!

On the agenda:
– membership of new organizations;
– Consideration and voting for important position papers (Strategic plan, Policy paper Future of work, Resolution on expending space for youth organizations and national youth councils, Resolution on gender equality, Declaration on the 20th University on Youth and Development).

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