Meeting with JEF  Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Germany)

On November 22, the delegation of JEF  Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Germany) had a meeting with NYCU member organizations.

The purpose of the meeeting was to get acquainted with the active youth of Ukraine and to discuss opportunities for future cooperation.

During the meeting, we had a chance to talk in more detail about the activities of the National Youth Council of Ukraine and the activities of its member organizations, and to learn more about JEF (Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes, Young European Federalists).

*The JEF Political Youth Organization (Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes, Young European Federalists) is working to promote European integration by strengthening and democratizing the European Union. The organization develops a better understanding of European federalism, promotes the realization of federalist ideals, and concentrates its efforts on achieving international democracy and efficient, democratic and transparent decision-making through respect for federal principles in Europe and beyond. The organization is independent of all political parties and ideologies and independently pursues its goals. However, it can participate in the exchange of views and experiences with political movements, public institutions, and associations.


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