The constituent assembly of Regional Branch of NYCU in Khmelnytskyi

On December 5, the constituent assembly of Regional Branch of NYCU in Khmelnytskyi was held.

The co-founders of Regional Branch became:

  • European Solidarity
  • NGO  “Youth for a better future”
  • NGO ” Creative association of writers and artists ” Stone Island “
  • NGO “Student Self-Government K-PNUnamed after Ivan Ohienko”
  • Go “Center of protection of Khmelnytskyi region “

The head of the newly created Regional Branch of NYCU became Iana Romanishena, Board Members became  Ivanna Petrasiuk and Oleksandr Marchuk, and Secretary-General became Ivan Zheved.

Moreover, Alina Halai, the NYCU Board Member and Natalia Shevchuk, the NYCU Secretary-General told about the NYCU activities, regional development and interaction with the national level, protection the youth interests of Ukrainian in European Youth Forum

Furthermore, tomorrow we will have the chance to improve some skills in political education at training “Political development of youth”

Congratulations to the newly created team of NYCU Regional Branch in Khmelnytskyi and wish good luck in advocacy of youth rights! Wait for the updates!


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