“Let’s do it, Ukraine” is now a member organization of the NYCU!

Congratulations Let’s do it, Ukraine in NYCU!

✅ NGO “All’s Ukrainian Youth Movement” LET DU IT UKRAINE (NGO Let’s do it, Ukraine) is a public organization that implements international, all-Ukrainian and regional projects. Operates in 24 regions of Ukraine. In 5 years of existence, it has united more than 1.5 million participants of our country

The organization is part of the international movement Let’s Do It World, which has already united 180 countries and about 20 million members to care for the environment and cleanliness of our planet.

ТакожAlso, join the VI All-Ukrainian Forum of Interaction and Development on June 5. National stage, where one of the speakers will be Julian Kritsak, Chairman of the NYCU

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