World Environment Day. ??

On June 5, the whole world celebrates World Environment Day. ??

✅It is the biosphere of our planet that suffers the most because of human activity. We do not have a planet “B”, so we must protect and safeguard the environment. It is our duty to pass on our planet to future generations better than we received it from previous ones.

Young people and children are the part of society whose lives are most affected by climate change. The environmental situation in general, and climate change in particular, threatens the future economic development and self-realization of young people. ?

That is why young people around the world see climate action as a priority in world politics.
Protests by young people taking to the streets are spreading around the world, demanding that the old generation of politicians take action to overcome the climate crisis.

Since the future is for young people, be eco-friendly and lead a conscious lifestyle and make it a habit to treat the environment sparingly! ♻️?

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