Berlin Forum Web Event

An online meeting of the Berlin Forum Web Event on the occasion of the start of the German Presidency of the EU Council took place today

The event brought together 29 national youth from different European countries, including the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans, Turkey, where they discussed the pressing issues facing youth councils through Covid-19 and how we can work together to reduce civil society.

There was also a great opportunity to ask questions to Michael Roth, the Minister of State for European Affairs.
Michael Roth said that during the German presidency, efforts will be made to:

· Strengthening youth guarantees;
· Strengthening youth work;
· Consolidate the European pillar of social rights by trying to implement key instruments such as the minimum wage and social security framework.

Thank you for inviting our reliable partners Deutscher Bundesjugendring to the event and we look forward to meeting you very soon.

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