Volunteering at the Red Cross is your PLUS!

Volunteering at the Red Cross is your PLUS!

The Red Cross of Ukraine together with the National Youth Council of Ukraine – NYCUkraine and other partners are launching a new project – “Youth Leaders of Ukraine”, which aims to develop youth leadership and volunteer teams in the country. The project gives young people the opportunity to take an active part in shaping and changing their communities through social initiatives and involvement in public life – thus contributing to a more developed and stable Ukrainian society.

What will we do?
✔️ We will find active leaders among young people in pilot locations – Kharkiv (Kharkiv, Kupyansk, Krasnograd) and Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Pavlograd) regions;
✔️ We will teach them effective leadership, team building, identification of community needs, development of social activities of various formats and scales in the spirit of Red Cross values ​​and principles – and we will support their implementation;
✔️ Teach humanitarian diplomacy and youth advocacy – and support the advocacy campaigns of our youth leaders;
✔️ We will train and support mentors who will help our leaders gather and unite volunteer teams;
✔️ Ensure democratic elections of leaders at the highest levels – district, regional, national;
✔️ We will gather representatives of public and state organizations and all community members to find common solutions to issues in the life of youth and the community as a whole;
✔️ Let’s create conditions for Danish-Ukrainian youth exchange of experience – as far as quarantine restrictions allow – the most successful youth leaders of the project will go to Denmark to share and gain leadership and team experience!

? What to do for volunteer leaders and active volunteers of the Society from project cities and districts who want to become effective leaders and are ready to join the project?
▪️ Fill in the questionnaire before 06.09.2020 (inclusive) (
▪️ Make sure that you go through the next stages of selection of project participants – we are looking for the most motivated and responsible!

? What to do to active young girls and boys from project cities and districts who are not leaders or volunteers of the Society, but also want to become youth leaders of the project?
▪️ Fill in the same form ?? https://bit.ly/31ylFoE and also make sure that you pass the selection – we invite everyone!

? What to do to active young people (volunteers and “not-yet-volunteers” of the Red Cross) from project cities and districts who want to join the project volunteer teams?
▪️ Fill out this form ?? https://bit.ly/2XPU7KC

? What to do for Red Cross leaders, volunteers and “not-yet-volunteers” from other regions?
▪️ Actively support and informatively support the project participants and their achievements, so that we can spread the gained experience to your region as soon as possible!

? What to do to ALL active volunteers of the Red Cross of Ukraine?
▪️ Put your signature on your avatar “I am a Red Cross volunteer and this is my PLUS” https://bit.ly/2PEuA2z
▪️ Encourage friends and acquaintances to also become Red Cross volunteers in your regions;
▪️ Act and be real agents of change in your communities.

✋ What to do to become a volunteer of the Red Cross of Ukraine?
▪️ Fill in the form ?? https://bit.ly/2P8pJWs

We are waiting for your questionnaires!

The project is implemented under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs program “The Danish Neighborhood Program, The Youth Pool 2020-21” with the support of the Danish Red Cross in Ukraine and with the participation of the Danish Youth Red Cross (Ungdommens Røde Kors), Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy leadership and the National Youth Council of Ukraine – NYCUkraine.

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