The key to our success in a variety of organizations and the opportunity to be an inclusive platform for dialogue!

Meet, Insight LGBTQ NGO! ?

✅Insight is a Ukrainian public organization, the main values ​​of which are equality, freedom, inclusiveness, diversity for all social groups. The organization is engaged in human rights and educational activities, provides psychological, legal and medical assistance and support to LGBTQI people.

✅Insight is part of the international youth umbrella organization IGLYO.

✅Insite has active branches in 9 regions. Each of the representative offices implements individual projects at the regional level, as well as joins all-Ukrainian initiatives and projects in other cities

✅One of the interesting projects organized by the Insight team – Online forum of the modern family. The event raised questions about the newest Ukrainian families, which are often invisible and discriminated against in legal, cultural, social and economic contexts. After all, how often do we think about the difficulties faced by families that often remain outside the “traditional family”: families with people with disabilities, Roma modern families, LGBT families and all the diversity of families that live now in Ukraine?

✅Insite provides an opportunity to use the unique service to people from the LGBT community, as well as women who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. Namely, it gives you the opportunity to cover free scars with tattoos, which were the result of past events, as well as (or) to receive psychological help from our psychotherapists.

Interesting, follow our news and very soon you will be able to learn more about our member organizations in a series of short videos #Мережа_НМРУ #NYCU_Network?

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