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In 2015, the National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU) was established, which is the result of the initiatives of leading national and international youth organizations. The goal of this initiative was the consolidation and development of democratic youth associations in Ukraine for the effective protection and representation of youth interests at all levels — from local to international.
At the first stage of its existence, NYCU united national youth organizations, but it quickly became clear that for effective work it is necessary to take into account the interests of youth in different regions. This is how the development of the network of Separate units of the NYCU, aimed at covering the entire country, began.

During the first years of activity, the National Youth Council received recognition at the national and international levels. In November 2016, she became a member of the European Youth Forum, and in February 2018, she received the status of National Coordinator of the Eurodesk information platform in Ukraine.

NYCU actively publishes materials aimed at the development of youth in Ukraine. In particular, the publication "Effective models of youth participation in Ukraine" brought together the best practices in Ukraine, and the "Youth Rights Advocacy Guide" reveals information on the formation of advocacy campaigns to protect the rights and interests of vulnerable social groups. "Everything you always wanted to know about national youth councils and were afraid to ask" covers all aspects of the powers and responsibilities of a representative youth council.

In April 2021, NYCU reached a new milestone, acquiring the status of a full member of the European Youth Forum. This testifies to the high evaluation and recognition of the contribution of the National Youth Council to developing youth initiatives in Ukraine.

Even in the most difficult conditions associated with the armed invasion of the Russian Federation, the National Youth Council continues its activities. Despite the challenges, the council is developing and planning its activities for years to come, staying true to its goals and principles of democracy. Thus, it continues to actively influence the development of youth in Ukraine and maintains an important role in the formation of civil society in the country.

Mission and Vision, Strategy

Mission of the NYCU: to represent and protect the civil, political, social and economic rights of Ukrainian youth, to expand opportunities for personal development and active participation of youth in social and political life.

Vision of the NYCU: Youth are an integral part of society and take an active and equal part in shaping the civil and political life of Ukraine and the world.

The main purpose of the NYCU activity: to consolidate and develop democratic youth organizations of Ukraine to protect and represent the interests of youth at the national and international levels.

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