"Change Yourself, Change the World!"

Here, in the youth space, we welcome anyone who is ready to take on challenges and make history. Join our community, where every step is an opportunity to make a big difference. You are the future, you are the power that moves the world!

Youth and participation

Ensuring active participation of young people in public life and decision-making.

Employment and Career

Development of programs and initiatives that improve opportunities for young people in the labor market and support entrepreneurship.

Education and Development

Facilitating youth access to quality education and development, supporting initiatives for self-improvement.

Civil society

Work on initiatives aimed at increasing civic engagement and supporting inclusive and equal opportunities.

Let's get to know each other better

Here you will find not only like-minded people, but also opportunities for personal growth and active participation. Let's create, learn and change the world together! Join our community - let's do more together!

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